Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday Poetry

I was asked, what happened to Tuesday Poetry.  There were various things why I discontinued but first I should go back and explain why it was started.




When windows Live Spaces was a viable place a GI came on and asked to be my friend.  I will never turn down a GI, having been one my self.  His site was poetry, not much.  the site had only been up a few weeks.  He would post mostly verse but occasionally he would blog about himself.

I would read these posts but not say much.  After a couple of months of reading along he made a post about some of his past.  He had just returned from the Middle East with a head injury.  The therapist that was working with him recommended writing and poetry being one of those things.

His verse was very somber and dark at times.  A tormented person could be seen in the words he put down. 

Later he wrote that he was 51 and was divorced and had done more then one tour in the Middle East.  It came across that he had lots of conflicts in his life.

Remembering that the therapist told him to write more poetry I started encouraging him in my comments on his posts.  I had a few poems I had written and there a couple of others in the network who would post verse.  So I decided to start what I called Tuesday Poetry.  I began posting a different poem on Tuesdays and the GI started to do the same as did a few others.

So in hopes that he would be encouraged to write more I continued to post verse.  For a couple of months it went pretty good.  Then he didn’t post anything for sometime.  Nothing new, I would post but nothing on his site.  After a month there was nothing new on his site.

What happened to him I have no idea but I hope it was nothing bad for some of his verse was twisted.  Yet I had hopes.

I continued for a few months more but I ran out of poems and did not feel up to writing any more.  So Tuesday Poetry came to an end.


I look back at this and there are times I want to scream….. scream at the politicians, what the hell are ya doing.  The country gets into a conflict and has no clear objective and young people are getting killed….. for what purpose?

Oh it will stop terrorism…. really.  Am I any safer today then I was a decade ago.

It was an attempt to reach out, instead it has fueled some anger at DC.

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