Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wandering Thoughts…… looking for mine

Time passes and events happen, some are remembered a few recorded but most are forgotten.  What happened over there, used to have very little impact here and they would go into the file of round.  today there are so many who want to be world leaders they try to make their place to interfere in others lives.  At what point does one meddle in the life of another, a question that remains to be answered.  Ethics have been tossed under the curb, so who would know what would be an ethical choice.  Even “christians” have vague ides of ethics.

So when that guy was killed in Pakistan, there was some celebrating but to what end.  The problem has not been solved.  There still is hatred and conflict.  Those over there hate them over there and the rage flames on.

A question of who is going to control whom…… Oh who controls you?



Watched this big transformer get off loaded from a rail car.  No big cranes or machines.  A few men, lots of axels, some jacks and blocks.  They moved tons with simple tools that have been used for centuries and they were successful.  Nothing high tech in this operation.  some sense, leverage and patience.  They got the monster onto some wheels and toted it a few miles north to be part of a wind farm.

So that big gray glob you own a small part of it because of the tax subsidy the manufacturers and utility companies get. 

that makes things interesting for the consumer gets to pay for his electricity twice.  First as a taxpayer, then as a consumer.  Makes for some expensive electricity.

Don’t stop now for those that drive are doing the same.  The government subsidizes the oil and gas industry.  Not to the extent they subsidize the wind farms.  As consumers there are lots of things we pay twice for.

Read where the subsidies for oil is about a dollar per megawatt and for the wind farm it is about 5 bucks for a megawatt.

Tax money goes for lots of things.  I ask for whose benefit.  Is my tax money being used to make somebody rich.  Most of the time the answer is yes.


feb 2011 094


Maybe I shall go forth and join robbing hood and his merrie men.  Go rob the rich government workers and give to the poor taxpayers.

How trite things can become as priorities are not clear.

Into the non pressure cooker I seek a path.  A stew it shall be, gurgling slowly, rich aromas ushering forth.  the stench of ……. covered over.  Wool of sheep sheared, pulled over the eyes.

Royalty not we are, emulate royal breed we seek.  Crowns placed on heads, worn with emptiness, seeking to live in castle.  Content not, striving for more.  Envy green curls the limpid skin. jealousy flows overboard, drowning in greed.

What does life owe me? 

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