Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home On The Range


So goes the title of the song.  Buffalo no longer thunder across the plains but there still are herds of deer and antelope that dance over the prairie.




Didn’t spot any antelope close enough or with with enough light to capture a picture of but this deer collection was nice enough to pause by the road side and pose for me.



Twilight and it time to go look for the evening meal.  Along the creek bottom they will browse on the grass and there are pools of water near by.  When others are closing down for the day others are out searching.  The sounds change but it still nature’s rhythm that carries on.



Homeless they could be considered.  Most have been booted from their home by the greenies wanting to live in the mountains with nature.  Losing their habitat the animal had to move to find food.  On the prairie the land is not as crowded as the foothills are becoming.  Here the deer can live, maybe even under a bridge.

The dudly do gooders complain about the homeless yet by their actions they create a new group of homeless.  these critters will adjust and they will survive much like the homeless of the street do. 

To live and let live for some people is difficult.  So many think they have the answer how nature should operate but do not look at themselves as being part of the problem.


Much like this doe looking to get through the fence to join the rest.  We have people we like to associate with and then there are those.  Yet like nature we will go on.

It was a cold evening as I took these out the window.  They mostly just stood there and looked at me.  Not real spooked but wary.  There were a few on the other side on the hill walking on down to the creek.  I split them up when I drove through.  Temps were about zero to below F.

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