Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Neighbor…….. Sunbathing


Ah Ha….. a fur lined bunny basks in the warmth of the sun on a cold morning.


The vacant lot next door houses lots of junk which makes nice dwelling spots for little critters.  Cottontails get in among the stacks and make nice little burrows to live in and make little fur balls.  As the population grows so do the visitors.  Being at the bottom of the food chain lots of hungry larger critters show up for a meal.  To see a bunny this size is unusual, most make the menu of a visitor to the vacant lot dinning parlor.

Coyotes stop by in the evening, the hoot of the owl notes that it is hungry and looking the buffet over.  then there are the feral cats.  Cats camp out near food and they use the junk piles as home also. There are also the neighborhood cats that browse the diner.


This one took up residence in the clump of grass and spent the morning soaking up some warm rays of El Sol.  A loud noise and he would perk up and look around.  Lay the ears back down and go back to drowsing. Most of the snow is gone but the rays are still warming.


The setting moon this morning was interesting.  rising sun gave it a silvery glow with a plum cast sky.

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