Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Doggies’


Oh my goodness, let me tell ya, sprung has springed a leak, the tulips were a squeakin, the buds were a expandin, me thmb was a greenin.  Today was the teaser of the coming feast.  Down the road the aroma of burning burgers were heard, snapping brauts’ and cold beers.  Mercury was flirtin in the 70’s, a tee shirt n shorts were a jumpin around, what a goregeous day.  Clear blue azure sky, nary a clound and the dirty air was in the city.  Great day for playin hooky, I did, I sat with a soda and some chips, let the sun crawl across bare arms, tickle the ears and dance on the face.

Then there is the end of the day, boo hoo.  For more days like such I hope for.  I toe tap on the grass, listening to the birds and watching float on the currents high above, perched on the high line the keeping watch.

If I were but a muse, my pen would shout forth the glory of the day.  Stroll among the thoughts of the warmth, watching shows flickjer in the rays of ole Sol, casting about longing for the days they shall return.


Cattle lazing in the pasture, sun settling into the horizon, cars drifting by, train tooting in the distance.  There is a joy in the air, snow is melting, streams easing to the creek, the frozen silence is ended for but a moment.  Tomorrow, turn the earth on, look for an instant replay, oh for but more moments when it is a joy to live in a creation that is happy.

Back flips, somersaults and cart wheels, a time to rejoice, for the artic hawk has retreated with the Alberta clipper to the far north.  Tomorrow the gods of the north will open their gates again to let the great hawk of the artic to soar on the Alberta clipper.  Ice will clip the strings of Old Sol and warm rays will hide behind the clouds.  Birds will hover in snug corners, little critters will burrow down in heated dens.


Florida has caught a train to hurry back south to the warmth.  Farewell ole teaser, for on your wings they will return for Ole Sol is going north, no matter what chicken little says.
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