Sunday, January 9, 2011

On The Side

There things that happen that are entertaining, don’t have to go to the theatre or turn on a movie.  They are part of life and happen.

Neighbor has two dogs, a mini mutt and a large black mongrel. They do not a yard to be in so the when let out side the mongrel gets chained up and the mini mutt roams.  When they first moved in the mongrel was let loose with the mutt.  the mongrel thought that was okay and roamed about the town and countryside.  Mutt, well it stayed close by.  with livestock around it is not advisable for loose dogs to be nearby, been known to acquire cases of lead poisoning.  Hence mongrel is now chained up when let outside.

Mutt cruises the neighborhood and not much of a problem.  There are also scads of cats in the neighborhood, most are feral.  The alley is a freeway for the free roamers for here is the trash bins.  If there are bags of trash stacked up the cats will rip them apart looking for …… trash?  Open trash bag now spills around the bins and onto the alley. 




Mutt sniffs through this assortment lying in the dirt and occasionally gets lucky.  Ah ha…. a bone.  Off home goes the mutt with its treasure.  In front of the house it plops down to chew on the delicacy.

Mongrel being on a chain can only lay there and watch as mini mutt gnaws away just out of mongrels reach.  Mini scurries about the front and lays back down to chew on the bone, picks it up, moves over a bit and gnaws on the bone some more.  Mongrel lays there, eyes focused like cross hairs on the mini mutts bone.  Very intently mongrel’s eyes focus, tail a twitchin’, head shifts as mini mutt changes location.

Mutt jumps up with bone in mouth heads along the edge of house, within mongrels reach on chain.  Chomp, big ole mongrel now has bone.  Mini doggie looks at big doggie, tail a waggin’, big dog….. grrrr.  Little dog goes over and sits down, ears perked up, a slight whine.  Mongrel is gnawing away. bone is disappearing as mini mutt sits by and soon lays down whining.

Few days later….. instant replay.


May God be with you this week and guide your steps.



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