Monday, January 24, 2011

The Turkey Mob


Went for a cruise in the outback last week, looking for a ghost town and the Russian Orthodox Church.  Found both but along the way were side tracks and detours. 

In the small communities are usually a few interesting buildings or machinery and I will roam the streets looking for them.  One such little town I found an old brick schoolhouse that appears to now be a private residence.  So I stopped to take a couple of pictures.  I parked across the street to keep the pickup out of the way.  Where I parked there were a couple of turkeys nibbling on the corn stalks that had been tied to a post. 

So a took a picture of them.  the birds were very nonchalant and just looked at me. 


I walked across the street to take pictures of the schoolhouse and the turkeys went on their way pecking at the ground to get what they could..  I took my pictures and headed back to the pickup and I came out of the play ground there was a flock of more turkeys coming out from another house across the street.


I stopped, whoa what is this, mad turkeys on the loose.  They were headed right at me at a quick trot.  As they got closer there was a wanting look in them.  Apparently somebody in town feeds them and they must of thought I had some edible goodies for them.



As they got closer they veered off to the left for they did not recognize me nor did I have any feed.  The flock went on past and stopped under the tree and stared back at the stranger.

I’ve had some interesting encounters with wild life but this is going to be unique.  Maybe I need to carry some grain in the future if I go there again.  Give them dance lessons so they can do more then the turkey trot.

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