Friday, November 23, 2012

Godless Democrats


Godless Democrats

            If you want to watch God leave the United States, Watch the Democrats.  They are the big ones pushing to rid the country of God.  At their national convention, the Democrats left God out of the Democratic platform.  The Democrats wanted to be a Godless political party. 

            Some people wanted to put God back into the party platform and were able to bring it up for a convention vote.  The anti-God people tried to shout them down, and keep God out of the Democratic platform.  By a narrow margin God stayed in the platform of the democrats.  Yet the very idea that God had been sidelined by the powers that be in the Democratic platform is dis-heartening.

            Look at the Democrats over time.  The ACLU has been in the forefront of filling lawsuits to remove God from Government.  The so called Christian Democrats have said nothing to the ACLU to stop.  Next are the atheists, again the professed Christian Democrats have not spoken up.  Then there is the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


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            The Christian Democrats have issues, if they are Christian.  They need to start speaking up or form another political party.  For the aim of the powers that be in the Democratic hierarchy is to kick God under the bus. 

            A vote for a Democrat is a vote to kick God to the curb.  They don’t like to hear this but there is a reality of what transpired at the national convention.  There is also the reality of the ACLU.  So many democrats dismiss these and come up with excuses.  Well excuses are not acceptable.  You vote Democrat, you have voted to deny God.

            If you don’t like Republicans, that is fine but at least vote for God not the Godless demagogues.

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