Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ugly Democrats



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Ugly Democrats


This past 4 plus years has seen some of the ugliest name calling in political history.  Insults and cheap shots are not unusual but to harangue for years is ugly.  The Democrats did a pretty good job of demonizing people that criticized Obama with racial slurs and race baiting.  The favorite name for Republicans and other critics of the President was, “Sons a Bitches.” 

            At a political rally with the union in a rust belt town, the union leader told Obama, We’ll get those SonsaBitches for you.”  The President did nothing in response to this name calling and derogatory name calling.  Obama accepted the statement by doing nothing.  This is acceptable behavior as far as the president is concerned.

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            Throughout his reign as President, Obama has said nothing about the race baiting and he has said nothing about the name calling.  The implication by Obama is that racism is acceptable and derogatory name calling is acceptable, if they are a Republican.

            Obama sets the tone for his party in what he says or does not say.  To demonize the Republicans was very acceptable in the eyes of the President.  No longer was the Democratic party led by a noble gentleman.

            What’s maddening is there are Republicans that are crawling down into the Obama sewer and calling the democrats names.  Usually the Republicans can rise above the gutter and have a bit of dignity.

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            Then this whole deal of the past 4 years has reminded me of the playground bully in grade school.  They call others a name…. your choice….. and then threaten them.  In return they say they will stop if they can have their lunch money.  Next day on the playground the scene repeats itself.  The name calling continues and the lunch money is handed over.  Soon other students take up the name calling for they want to be part of the group and not be bullied.  Sound familiar, look at how the Democrats have conducted themselves over the past 4 years.

            There are Democrats who profess to be Christians.  Have they spoken up about the demonizing of the Republicans?  A Christian is there to build people up, help others and rebuke those who demonize.  So my question to those who profess to be Christians, are you going to stand up and make your voice be heard or are you going to let Satan to continue the name calling and demonizing?  There could be a much more civil country if people would stand up.

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