Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Time


The drought has mellowed out winter.  It has been cold but no icy blasts so far.  The cold does not bother me much.  Get the parka out n flannel/wool shirts and I shall venture forth. 

It also makes a nice time to capture a few pixels.  The trees are barren, the weeds are shuttered and the grasses dormant.  It is when nature goes for a nap getting ready for spring.

DSCN2868 (1024x768)

I like the abstract pattern of the trees, the limbs, branches and their twists and turns.  It is amazing the patterns a tree has under all those leaves.  Oh yes fall colors are great but I like the nude tree also.

DSCN2914 (1024x768)

Then there are the sunsets of winter.  Biting icy fingers crawl over the face, standing facing the setting sun.  Sunsets are a dime a dozen but the hand of man makes it different.

It is amazing how we clutter up the country side with technology.  A cellphone tower sits in the middle of somewhere.  High power utility towers race over the horizon.  Interrupted  by a tree.  On far horizon is the shallow outline of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

All the latest gadgets.  Surrounded in our homes, our cars and in the office. 

To truly escape technology is almost impossible.  An escape in the mind;s eye.

Have a good week and may the Lord bless your travails.

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