Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Few Election Thoughts

Part I

            Finally the Puffery is over, the politicians can breathe easy for a bit.  The president remains the same and congress did not change much.  Politics has such an impact on our lives, so I want to look at what was voted for. 
            The democrats got the victory and they want a bigger government.  From that want more benefits from government.  They expect the big government to provide for them, expanded welfare, food stamps and healthcare.  There are some that want a dole from the government and more leisure time.
            The democrats also want God out of their lives.  At the Democratic national convention, God was removed from the platform.  When God was placed back in to the Democratic platform He was booed and derided by those who opposed putting God back into the platform.  The Democrats voted for a Godless country.
            They also voted for increased rules and regulations to control the lives of the populace.  They voted for more “Green Energy” programs, more intrusion into personal lives and the focus of life is to come from Big Government.
            Look at what else they voted for.  Continued high un employment, bigger debt, more taxes and increased poverty.
            The past four years of the Obama and the democrat’s reign has not changed the economic outlook of the United States.  Bush was a convenient culprit yet Obama’s regime has buried the hapless, mired many more into poverty.  Economic classes have fallen by brackets.  Obama’s spots will not change, he will spend more money, borrow more and push the country further into debt.  The democrats voted for poverty, no jobs.
            It is one thing to holler about losses but look what the people voted for….. That is where we are headed.

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