Saturday, November 3, 2012

All Clock Eyed


Not sure who to talk with but I wish the politicians would stop messing with my clock.  This day is one of my least favorites.  The spring change I even like less. 

Believe I’m gonna write my local congressman and tell him to get the political types out of my clock.  No matter how one looks at it, time does not vary.  It is us little peoples that get messed by clock eyed politico's.

Now where is clock smashing mallet?

DSCN1996 (1024x768)

Was reading that some people are upset about businesses making money on the clean up after the east coast storm.  They think the government should be doing it.  Where business is working at clean up they are out performing the government workers…… hum wonder why.

One day a few people may understand where taxes come from…… profits.  Without businesses there would be not much to tax and there would be no wealth for the government to confiscate.

Basically if one is not a capitalist, they are a communist.  The two forms of economic distribution.  Yup there are variations but if one is against capitalism ….. what are they for?

DSCN2005 (1024x768)

Now if I could get my clock to stop falling all over itself I might go for a ride. 

Hop in, go see the country side, take some pictures, wander the grassland, listen to some tunes and have cold lunch.

Hope you are having a great one.

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